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Fri, Jul. 8th, 2011, 04:35 am

I always get in these moods where I think I'm for sure going to start updating this thing regularly. My plate is pretty full. I'm doing graduate school concurrently with continuing to work part time at a group home. That on top of trying to exercise daily & maintain a healthy social life for my own personal mental & emotional stability has kept me pretty busy.

Shad has returned home which is really nice. I think I will have people around me more regularly which I hope will reflect in my mood. This week I've been all alone though as the roomies have been in Michigan. I've had the two cats to keep me sane, thank goodness, despite the little one's best efforts to do otherwise. We're fostering this little kitten, Ivan, for Matthew and he's an asshole. But he's pretty adorable when he's not clobbering our elderly cat or eating her food or rending my flesh.

I'm excited about making new friends with my grad school class & the fact that I've been hanging out a bit with my coworkers. It feels like my social circles are growing rather than the opposite, which is a nice change from recent feelings.

I can update this bad boy on the go now, as of yesterday. I'm hoping that means I'll update more frequently despite my dislike of this keyboard. Don't worry, despite my lack of updates I'm still on this sinking ship. It may be easier (and perhaps, ultimately, more satisfying due to increased readership and response) to throw my thoughts up on the Facebook.com, but my heart will always belong to livejournal. Plus, dang, it feels good to type up a nice long LJ post now and then.

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