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Sat, Aug. 13th, 2011, 03:12 am

It's super depressing that every comment I get nowadays is spam. I don't even understand how the spambots select a post, I'm getting spam on posts from years ago. What's up with that?

I finished my first semester as a graduate student and (depending on how the grading scale in these classes work) I'm pretty sure I either got two As or an A and an A-. Not too terribly shabby. I'm enjoying my two weeks off of school before going back to a school or work commitment everyday. This last week I went on two adventures to Indiana. I drove to Indianapolis (which, I think, is the largest city I've ever driven in by myself) and hung out with Lacy. I hadn't seen that lady since I was still in high school. It's been a long time. She showed me around downtown a bit and we got food and cupcakes. We hung out at a Half Price Books and ended up at a comedy club because she had free passes and that's what you do on Tuesday nights in Indianapolis according to my phone. Catching up was fabulous, especially considering the last time I even talked to her on the phone for more than a few seconds was months ago. I had no idea what's been going on in her life and it was so good.

Yesterday I ended up with a car full of friends (Aaron, Shadrach, J.Sams) and drove back to Indiana to hike around at Turkey Run. I'd never been there and heard good things. We hit a few of the rugged trails and I was actually pretty impressed with my ability to not feel like I was dieing as well as traverse some slightly tricky terrain. I had to do that thing where you walk on your hands and feet across a drop and I felt like a bad-ass. Granted the drop was about a foot into a fairly shallow stream but it was still a confidence booster. We traversed some tricky rocks and overall had a really wonderful time.

It's back to the grind this weekend then I'm going down south, all the way to St. Louis with Colleen for a few days and stopping in Springfield to hit up the State Fair along the way. This last week was wonderful and I'm hoping that it, along with this next week, will do just the trick in rejuvenating me for next semester. I'm feeling good and trying to keep moving; I got up early enough to swim some laps before work today and I'm planning on hitting a pool before work tomorrow.


Mon, Aug. 15th, 2011 05:23 am (UTC)

Are you getting the spambots in different languages, like I am? That's weird stuff! It's so exciting when you see that "lj comment" email show up, then so heartbreaking when it's incomprehensible German.

Jealous of your swimming - enjoy a lap for all us landlubbers.