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Fri, Aug. 27th, 2010, 06:30 pm

So, allow me to be a mega-nerd for a moment (as if I'm not usually). My roomie Shadrach recently found a website called Chore Wars and with only a mild amount of coercion got me as well as several other friends to create a character and join his party. I thought it would be sort of a silly thing to do but would probably quickly fall by the wayside like the way I used Foursquare. Instead I've found this website to be surprisingly more motivating than I had anticipated. The way the site works is party members create "adventures" like "making the bed" or "doing the dishes" and get xp for completing those adventures. It sounded super-silly to me at first but goddamn if I'm not trying to figure out a chore I can do because I'm so close to leveling up. There's some pretty neat features on there too that we're not using - you can give adventures the chance to drop treasure and the website suggests they be used by companies who create a party for their employees where treasure would translate into things like drink vouchers or parents giving their kids treasure like ice cream or whatever parents give their children. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures? That would have worked for me when I was super little. Anyway, it's a neat idea and is pretty fun.

This weekend is super packed. Shad is going back to Philadelphia tomorrow, the Sweetcorn Festival is in downtown Urbana, I want to see the late night movie at the Art, Metacon is tomorrow and Sunday, and I got invited to a party tomorrow night. Wowza - busy busy busy. I might see Soul Asylum at the Sweetcorn Festival? Who even knows? Not me.