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Wed, Jun. 27th, 2012, 11:43 am

Everytime I start writing an entry I get a bit discouraged and abandon it but, dammit, I would like to keep this ship afloat. Perhaps its indicative of something not-so-great that I need to start each entry with "I want to update my livejournal more often". Lately I've been hand-writing lots of letters which is kind of like journaling. I get to write out my day-to-day adventures and mail them off to friends who get a nice surprise in their mailbox and hopefully a smile.

My last update was a little less than a year ago when I had just finished my summer semester. Now I've finished all my graduate school coursework. I've still got a year-long (unpaid, yikes) internship ahead of me and a concurrent twice-a-month online course. Then I'll have an MSW, how crazy is that? My brother will be obtaining a bachelor's degree at the same time and my mother will probably be retiring. So, basically, huge party next May.

Trying to keep busy, trying to keep positive. Trying to not let things that are out of my control affect my mood so much. But you know how those things go. Yesterday and today have been pretty good. I'm going to go down to Clinton Lake Beach in a bit here to meet up with a friend then hopefully roll back into town in time for the re-instated weekly potluck.

Sat, Aug. 13th, 2011, 03:12 am

It's super depressing that every comment I get nowadays is spam. I don't even understand how the spambots select a post, I'm getting spam on posts from years ago. What's up with that?

I finished my first semester as a graduate student and (depending on how the grading scale in these classes work) I'm pretty sure I either got two As or an A and an A-. Not too terribly shabby. I'm enjoying my two weeks off of school before going back to a school or work commitment everyday. This last week I went on two adventures to Indiana. I drove to Indianapolis (which, I think, is the largest city I've ever driven in by myself) and hung out with Lacy. I hadn't seen that lady since I was still in high school. It's been a long time. She showed me around downtown a bit and we got food and cupcakes. We hung out at a Half Price Books and ended up at a comedy club because she had free passes and that's what you do on Tuesday nights in Indianapolis according to my phone. Catching up was fabulous, especially considering the last time I even talked to her on the phone for more than a few seconds was months ago. I had no idea what's been going on in her life and it was so good.

Yesterday I ended up with a car full of friends (Aaron, Shadrach, J.Sams) and drove back to Indiana to hike around at Turkey Run. I'd never been there and heard good things. We hit a few of the rugged trails and I was actually pretty impressed with my ability to not feel like I was dieing as well as traverse some slightly tricky terrain. I had to do that thing where you walk on your hands and feet across a drop and I felt like a bad-ass. Granted the drop was about a foot into a fairly shallow stream but it was still a confidence booster. We traversed some tricky rocks and overall had a really wonderful time.

It's back to the grind this weekend then I'm going down south, all the way to St. Louis with Colleen for a few days and stopping in Springfield to hit up the State Fair along the way. This last week was wonderful and I'm hoping that it, along with this next week, will do just the trick in rejuvenating me for next semester. I'm feeling good and trying to keep moving; I got up early enough to swim some laps before work today and I'm planning on hitting a pool before work tomorrow.


Wed, Aug. 3rd, 2011, 12:45 am

Ugh, I did not miss finals week.

Fri, Jul. 8th, 2011, 04:35 am

I always get in these moods where I think I'm for sure going to start updating this thing regularly. My plate is pretty full. I'm doing graduate school concurrently with continuing to work part time at a group home. That on top of trying to exercise daily & maintain a healthy social life for my own personal mental & emotional stability has kept me pretty busy.

Shad has returned home which is really nice. I think I will have people around me more regularly which I hope will reflect in my mood. This week I've been all alone though as the roomies have been in Michigan. I've had the two cats to keep me sane, thank goodness, despite the little one's best efforts to do otherwise. We're fostering this little kitten, Ivan, for Matthew and he's an asshole. But he's pretty adorable when he's not clobbering our elderly cat or eating her food or rending my flesh.

I'm excited about making new friends with my grad school class & the fact that I've been hanging out a bit with my coworkers. It feels like my social circles are growing rather than the opposite, which is a nice change from recent feelings.

I can update this bad boy on the go now, as of yesterday. I'm hoping that means I'll update more frequently despite my dislike of this keyboard. Don't worry, despite my lack of updates I'm still on this sinking ship. It may be easier (and perhaps, ultimately, more satisfying due to increased readership and response) to throw my thoughts up on the Facebook.com, but my heart will always belong to livejournal. Plus, dang, it feels good to type up a nice long LJ post now and then.

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Mon, Feb. 14th, 2011, 12:43 am

What is going on with my life?

For the past three or four months I have been working as a recovery advocate. Basically what that means is that I work with chronically mentally ill individuals to help them develop independent living skills. It's a pretty excellent job. It can be trying sometime but at the end of the day it's fairly rewarding and it's nice to be working in my field even if it's a position that I didn't really need my degree to get. I think I'm pretty alright at it. I'm still hoping to pursue a Master's degree in social work. Or an MSW as those in the biz call it. I don't know if I told y'all about the non-profit I was interning for. It looks like I may have, very briefly. Anyway, I'm still volunteering occasionally (that is a word I've recently learned it is impossible for me to spell correctly) with the organization. So that's something pretty rad too.

I'm trying to improve my life. It's exhausting spending most of my time disliking the person I am (to put it mildly). My professional activity as described as above has been helpful. I proclaimed on my Facebook (which, if I'm not friends with you on there and you read my livejournal, why aren't I?) that I was attempting to improve my life physically, mentally, and emotionally. Some of those facets are significantly easier than others to set concrete goals for. Example: I can ride the exercise bike for 20 minutes at least four times a week. I can cut down my soda intake to no more than two a week. I'm not certain what goals I can set that will make me like myself more or catastrophize less or whatever. But I'm trying. Good golly I'm trying.

That's me. I'm throwing a party tomorrow night, Monday. It's my intention to dress up with some friends and go out to eat first. Last year we watched the Puppy Bowl, unfortunately we weren't able to find it this year but I'm going to keep myself busy and surrounded by friends tomorrow.

Anywho Livejournal, let's talk more often.

Thu, Jan. 20th, 2011, 09:51 pm

Dear everyone who still updates livejournal,
I still enjoy reading your posts. I have been the worst. I really miss posting; maybe I'll post soon. I don't even know when the last time I posted was.


Fri, Aug. 27th, 2010, 06:30 pm

So, allow me to be a mega-nerd for a moment (as if I'm not usually). My roomie Shadrach recently found a website called Chore Wars and with only a mild amount of coercion got me as well as several other friends to create a character and join his party. I thought it would be sort of a silly thing to do but would probably quickly fall by the wayside like the way I used Foursquare. Instead I've found this website to be surprisingly more motivating than I had anticipated. The way the site works is party members create "adventures" like "making the bed" or "doing the dishes" and get xp for completing those adventures. It sounded super-silly to me at first but goddamn if I'm not trying to figure out a chore I can do because I'm so close to leveling up. There's some pretty neat features on there too that we're not using - you can give adventures the chance to drop treasure and the website suggests they be used by companies who create a party for their employees where treasure would translate into things like drink vouchers or parents giving their kids treasure like ice cream or whatever parents give their children. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures? That would have worked for me when I was super little. Anyway, it's a neat idea and is pretty fun.

This weekend is super packed. Shad is going back to Philadelphia tomorrow, the Sweetcorn Festival is in downtown Urbana, I want to see the late night movie at the Art, Metacon is tomorrow and Sunday, and I got invited to a party tomorrow night. Wowza - busy busy busy. I might see Soul Asylum at the Sweetcorn Festival? Who even knows? Not me.

Tue, Aug. 24th, 2010, 01:00 pm

Hey Livejournal, it's been over a month, apparently. So I haven't really talked about my new living situation. I'm living in a basement, currently, with Sara and Shadrach, though Shad will be returning to school in Philadelphia on Saturday. Wow, that is soon. This place is nice, I've got a great big room, we have this really wonderful living room with wood-paneling and built in shelves and comfortable furniture. It's nice to be living here. Right now we're each picking a day of the week and are responsible for making the apartment a meal on that day. It's good. Today was Sara's first day at her new job and I got up super early to boil beans then bake a casserole so we could have Bengal Beans from my monastery cookbook before she left for work.

That's been my life recently. Last weekend was pride fest which was pretty fun but I think I left before all the good stuff happened (drag shows, burlesque, etc.). I went downtown and took myself out on a date because I've been feeling super crappy toward myself lately and I thought it would be fun. I got dressed up and went out to eat and then went and watched the late movie, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, at the Art Theater. I would say overall it was a pretty positive experience. I ended up getting down on myself again later that night but the rest of the weekend I was feeling pretty positive.

OH! I've got a car here now. Well. I'm sharing a car here now with my brother, so that is super-rad. This is pretty much the first time in my life where I can just go wherever I want if I feel like it. I realize that with great power comes great yatta yatta, but I think I've got this under control. Woo!

Sat, Jul. 17th, 2010, 04:48 pm

Tonight is the night of the final party at my High Street apartment. I don't know how many of you that read this I actually see regularly any more. If you can make it out, I'd love to see you. If not, there will always be future parties in future apartments. But this place was a really great place to live, and an awesome place to party and socialize with all of the people I love. - Perhaps I'll post something a bit more reflective tomorrow.

Fri, Jul. 16th, 2010, 01:32 am

Day 07: Your favorite fruit?

So, I sort of discussed this in the last topic, but I have a textural problem with fruit, I don't know what it is. Up until recently I've been telling people I only like raisins. As I experiment more with cooking (another theme which will be revisited again and again I think) I find more I can at least tolerate. I can eat most berries in something but not straight and I've recently discovered that I really enjoy pomegranate while making this: http://www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/soup/recipe-pomegranate-lentil-soup-069553 . Mainly I like lots of juice.

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